Top 10 side effects of steroids

10. Acne

Steroids can cause an acne and various dieses like asthma inflammatory bowel dieses.

9. Mood changes

If takes more steroids it affects on mood disorders as mania, and hypomania

8. Risk of infections

There is a high risk while taking steroids more amount it may be infection both viral and bacterial

7. Fluid retention

Steroids causes fluid retention and blood pressure and renal plasma flow body balance of water.

6. High blood pressure

Steroids can increase blood pressure and which is not at all good for heart health it may be convert into heart attack.

5. Insomnia

Steroids can effect on your sleep can and it will convert into insomnia and other sleeping disorders as well.

4. Weight gain

Weight gain is common problem while you taking higher dose of steroid specially in face, neck and trunk.

3. Decreased bone density

Daily using steroids it make bones becomes weak for long term uses it convert into osteoporosis.

2. Impaired glucose tolerance

Steroids can affect on body and will be victim of the Impaired glucose tolerance which leads to high blood pressure

1. Cataracts

Taking steroid daily it can increase fat and directly effect on the eye and leads to the cataracts.