Top10 symptoms men should never ignore

10. Chest pain

In many nations, including the US, coronary heart disease is the main reason why men die. Chest pain is one of the top10 symptoms men should never ignore.

9. Sudden weight gain or weight loss

Many of us experience weight gain and weight loss, although these are often minor. When they're not, they often take place over a longer time period.

8. Changes in stools

You need to regularly check your stools for colour, consistency, and any other changes.

7. Changes in urination

The warning signs listed difficulty urinating, discomfort, variations in the urine stream, and frequency of urination including awakening up in the middle of the night.

6. Numbness or tingling

It could be cause for concern if you experience this in your hands, feet, or arms. Indeed, a wide range of medical illnesses, such diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and pinched nerves, may result in numbness and tingling.

5. Leg cramps

Dehydration or heavy exercise can also cause leg cramps. However, if they happen when you are just walking, it may be intermittent claudication, that's essentially an obstruction of arterial flow.

4. Enlarged testicle

A large testicle and an awkward sensation might be signs of trauma or infection. Varicocele, an expansion of the veins, or fluid buildup could be the reason

3. Dry mouth

When not enough saliva is generated, dry mouth develops. It can certainly be brought on by dehydration, but if this is not the case for you and you begin to have dry mouth, pay attention to it.

2. Irritability and excessive anger

Everybody occasionally gets frustrated and that's normal. Being very irritated and angry all the time is not natural.

1. Erectile dysfunction

For many men, the inability to get maintain an erection is a sad and even embarrassing subject.